Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our Farewell Party at Big Rock

We decided to throw our Farewell Party a bit earlier since a lot of our friends will be going places for their winter vacations. We chose Big Rock in Gangnam since it was easy to find, in a good area if we wanted to move to another place and since it serves great Alberta beer and so we could get a taste of what we're returning to. Lots of fantastic friends stopped by and we had a fabulous time just shooting the breeze.

When we returned to Korea I made it my goal to meet new people and make new friends (I also wanted to learn more Korean... Well, at least I succeeded with one of my goals). Last year it was all about exploring and loving my kindergarten babies and this year was about friends, discovering food and culture. We are going to miss so many things about this country, but really we are going to miss so many people so much more.

There are lots of pictures from the night. We stayed out late but not ridiculously and we had great food, drinks and friends to share it with. You can go here to see all of the pictures.

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