Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We're having a really low key day. We've both caught a death cold which has basically rendered us unable to leave the apartment for the last 2 days. Here's a picture we took on Tuesday when we were feeling better (compared to the weekend). We paid dearly for that epic Lotte World odyssey though since Wednesday was spent entirely in bed. Don't fret- technically the timing is good since we have the time off to sleep and try to heal before our flight next week. I can't imagine trying to work like this. Anyway, I hope that everyone else is having a fantastic Christmas! We love you all! I know that the lack of Christmas will totally be made up by a kick ass New Years Eve and then fabulous family time until we embark on our 4 month travel adventure.


Carter said...

Is that castle supposed to look like Disney's?

ambearo said...

What! What are you suggesting? This is a completely original theme park! Maybe Disney stole this design from Lotte. ^.~