Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Matt's Birthday Weekend Part 2

On Sunday, after eating Dana's AMAZING breakfast, we gathered up our belongings and took the journey out to Gimpo. This is actually where Shawna lives so we were able to travel with her for most of the way. It's a long trip, in case you are wondering, especially if you are starting in Bundang. It was nice being back in Gimpo and Matt and I both commented on how many fond memories we have of our time there. We were happy in Gimpo.

The reason for going out there was to meet with Paige Teacher! We had plans to meet up and she asked if we could come out to Gimpo so she could take us to a special traditional Korean restaurant. How could we turn that up? After we met up with Paige we climbed into our car and drove to the restaurant. This was a bit of a journey since it was actually close to Paju! I didn't realize that Paju and Gimpo are so close to each other. I am so bad at visualizing geography.

The restaurant was lovely and secluded. It was pretty empty actually so we got a whole room to ourselves and lots of privacy. The meal had numerous courses and was really delicious and light. That was a nice change from the previous night where we had gorged ourselves on ice cream cake and beer (not the best combination). Actually, Matt ate 4 pieces of ice cream cake so he had a bit of an upset tummy.

After we finished eating we started playing with all the decorations throughout the restaurant and taking silly pictures. Here are some of the best ones but you can find more over here (pages 3 and 4).

We wrapped up the evening with some hot chocolate, chit chat and bloody knuckles. Yeah, you read that correctly. I didn't take part in any of those games but I watched crazy Matt and Paige. Paige has way better reflexes- is it because she is younger or because of all the rock, paper, scissor practice she's had in her life? Hard call. We promised to see Paige again before we leave. There are so many things (and people) in Korea that we're going to miss.

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