Saturday, December 06, 2008

My Lovely Lilies!

Look at how gorgeous these lilies are! I haven't been given flowers in a really long time. Before you start oohing and ahhing too much, they aren't from Matt. My awesome friend Mitzi stopped by to pick up her camera (she forgot it during Matt's party) and she brought me these! I hope all the buds open but it's been pretty cold these days so... The vase is pretty classy too, eh?


Mitzi said...

You deserve to get flowers ALL THE TIME! It was the least I could do. I am not sure if you know how your positive energy has inspired me! I am so glad that I met you and Matt!!!

ambearo said...

You are way too sweet Mitzi! I'm so glad we met you too. You seriously have such a kind and generous heart. xox