Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Matt's Birthday Weekend Part 1

Our weekend was hectic and jam packed but so much fun! On Saturday we made the trek out to Bundang and celebrated Matt's birthday with lots of lovely people: Dana, Curtis, Kate, Dave, Shawna, Rebecca and Mitzi. We started off with a fantastic Vietnamese dinner at a restaurant near Dana's apartment. Yum! The restaurant even provided everyone with appropriate party headgear and took 2 Polaroid pictures of our group- one for Matt to keep and another to post on the wall of the restaurant. I think we are the only foreign group on the wall. ^^

Then we headed over to Dana and Curtis' apartment to hang out, chat, have a few drinks and a LOT of cake. I think that you can measure how much people love you by how much birthday cake you get (or at least how well your friends communicate). Matt had TWO huge ice cream cakes. Shawna had celebrated a birthday this week too so we let her claim some of the cake. Mitzi took some hilarious pictures of us that I will include at a later time. By some strange coincidence the majority of the group was wearing black. I guess we were all mourning a little for Matt getting older.

The next stop was norae bang! It was a karaoke marathon and so much fun! We were there for a really long time, like probably 3 hours. We had a lot of drinks and snacks and even received a service platter that had small fish and squid on it.

We stumbled home in the wee hours and then watched a few episodes of "The Office". I know that Matt had a great time and it's all because we have such fabulous friends! In the morning Dana even cooked a feast of eggs, bacon and homemade pancakes! For more birthday pictures you can look over here.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an awesome time!!!

Carter said...

You guys look like you're having so much fun! And again: I love your scarf!

Carter said...

Oh matt, I love that t-shirt! Where'd you get it?