Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Visit to Namsan...

Last weekend I decided we should go to Namsan Park and take a little walk. You might remember that we went there (and went up Seoul Tower via the cable car) last year but it was early spring and nothing was in bloom. I really wanted to go again while everything was green. I'd envisioned a leisurely stroll while we admired the vegetation. I conveniently forgot that the 'san' in Namsan stands for mountain. Dammit!

It was a lot of work getting to the top but we powered through. I think it was my extreme gangster ghetto style that gave me my strength. Matt, on the other hand, was barely phased at all by the steep inclines and took the opportunity to work out further at one of the random, rusted out exercise areas. Weirdo!

Later he refueled with cotton candy. We were all about healthy living that day. When we arrived at North Seoul Tower we discovered a festival! They were having a food theme festival! Unfortunately we didn't get any free food (the line for a free taste of galbi was RIDICULOUS!) but we did wander around and enjoy the view for awhile.
There were some cool wire people suspended around the base of the tower. The most interesting thing was discovering the section of the fence covered in thousands of locks of all shapes and sizes. Apparently this is a couple thing to do- buy two locks, write sweet messages and your name on them, interlock them and then lock them on the fence. You're supposed to keep the key as a memento of your love (unless you use a combination lock) or something.

It's cute and so we've decided to go back there on our anniversary to add some locks of our own. We also want to eat at the adorable restaurant that we discovered last year. Maybe we'll even get couple rings to top it all off and be extra Korean. It's hard to believe it will be 9 years.

Anyway, we capped off our day watching the pizza dough tossing demonstration/contest that was sponsored by Mr. Pizza. Afterward we hiked down the mountain and we to Myeongdong for dinner and shopping. It was a good day!

To see all the pictures of our adventure in Namsan Park you can hike over here.


Carter said...

You are super ghetto! Love it!!!!!!

oldendays said...

I wish we had a lock thingy to do here. So romantic.

ambearo said...

Hi oldendays- do I know you? I still have to make the anniversary post (soon!). We did the lock thing!