Friday, September 26, 2008

Creative Responses

So I just finished marking all of my monthly tests for my students. This is generally a pretty boring and laborious task but there were a few bright spots. In one class we had read a story about an octopus that tries to learn how to cook. So one of the questions asked what the student would do if they had eight arms and then it required them to draw a picture of them in the situation where they would use their arms. Here are a few of my favorites:

Besides having the most perfect handwriting, I liked how this girl envisioned herself as an actual octopus. And not only was she cooking but she is doing homework and somehow has a baby too! I'm pretty sure she hasn't hit puberty yet so this takes things to a whole new level. Who's baby is it?

I laughed so much when I saw this one. It's clever. However, Paul was a little overzealous and somehow he has 12 appendages. Even when you account for 2 legs that only makes 10. When his friend glanced over and saw this picture he couldn't stop cracking up. Notice the swim cap. Those are serious business here.

This is probably one of my favorite students. The grammar and sentence structure is pretty messed but I love how he's "doing some fast to get money". Bwahaha! Epic! Now if only I could figure out how to do some fast because I could sure use some money.

The best part about this is probably how she put shoes on two of the arms but left an arm in between in a phallic manner. Or maybe how she would dance in English class (or just serve some food) if she had eight arms. ^^

Last but not least, here's is Alex's picture. He actually called me over during the test to check if this would be okay. He was like, "Teacher, I bad drawing, please teacher." I love how he drew the desk only and left himself out of the picture. Probably in the bathroom or something.

There you have it. This is the kind of stuff I am testing impressionable young Korean children on.


Carter said...


I love it!!!!!

Those are so classic.

Mez said...

How adorable!

Bybee said...

Could you get me a copy of this story? I'd appreciate it...or is it a book..what's the title?

ambearo said...

Sure Susan. Is it okay if I photocopy it? It's not that long and is in a textbook at school. Probably wouldn't count as one of your book reads for the year. ~.^