Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Age Game

The other day one of my classes asked me how old I am. This is one of my favorite questions because I can always turn it around and see what they think. This class has one of my favorite students in it. His name is Jun Seok and he is extremely curious and outgoing. He probably asks me about a dozen random questions every class. Anyway, Jun Seok decided to be a smartass and say 50 (his original guess was 40) and so I decided to take a class poll. Here are the results:
So I wrote his guess first and then announced to the class that the person with the correct response (or closest) would get a prize. Jun Seok had a mini meltdown and begged me to let him change his guess. It's really fun messing with him but I did let him change it.

Apparently all the boys think I am much older or else the girls just wanted to be kinder. Anyway, at this point I had an interesting situation since they count age differently here and therefore Lucy and Alice were technically correct depending on which way you count my age. So I gave them both prizes and explained about how we count ages differently in each culture (atleast the kid were learning something while we were off topic). Each girl got a pack of Canada themed stickers and I thought Jun Seok was going to cry (he's about 12 though so he held it together). Jun Seok is obsessed with North America. Last class he asked me if he would have to go to the airport to buy a ticket to get to Canada and as a result he learned what a "travel agent" is. I could probably dedicate an entire blog to the hilarious questions Jun Seok asks me in class (that have nothing to do with the lesson). Never a dull moment.


Carter said...

Please do!! I love hearing stories about the kids!!!

Andy M said...

because i'm starting to go bald, sometimes, i can fool kids into thinking that i'm the same age as my boss (who is in his mid-40's). When i tell students that I'm 28 (korean age), they don't believe me. That's what 3 years in korea does to you... ages you pretty quick :p

Bybee said...

I give my students a multiple choice quiz when that question comes up:

a. 18
b. 46
c. 150
d. dead

The brownnosers say a, the smartasses say c and d, but in the end, all must explain why the 3 other guesses are wrong.

I wish I could borrow Jun Seok! He sounds like he's got a lot more on the ball than some of my uni students.