Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Other School Stuff

This month I've started a new challenge- I am teaching a class for the parents of students at my school who are interested in learning conversational English. It's exciting and really great experience for me but also totally nerve-racking and frightening at the same time. It's held on Mondays and Tuesdays so I have survived my first week of class with them. I've never taught adults before so this is a completely new thing for me. I think it's going okay so far, but I guess we'll see how many people consistently attend the class. Hahah. Anyways, this is another reason why I am so busy. Today's highlight was asking a mom what her favorite piece of clothing was and her replying "I love to wear my hot pants!". I thought I was going to pee my pants. She did add that she only wears them at home after everyone stopped laughing. I have to say, that is an answer I've never received in any of my classes with children (thank goodness!).

September also means that I have new classes starting, including a HUGE new A1 class (these are the lowest level students in the school). It meant that I had to say goodbye to some of the kids I'd taught for the last four months, including these cutie pies.
This is James, Ashely and Yunseo. They were all really cute and well behaved so I will really miss teaching them. The girls were a bit nervous about moving to Garrett's class because Garrett is a giant, scary man (at least from the perspective of a tiny little Korean girl). I am sure they will do just fine though.
On the last class I was greeted with this on the board. So sweet!

Also, take a look at Ashely's hands!! There is a flower here that the kids use to dye their nails with (although Ashely was perhaps a little overzealous since her fingers are also stained). This does NOT wash off and takes at least two-four months to fade away. Crazy!! I still haven't figured out which flower does this. Anyway, work is going pretty good other than it being ridiculously busy. I'll be really happy if they find someone else to teach the Screen English classes (even though they are a breeze) because it would free up some of my time to do all this marking and phone testing, etc. We'll see what happens though.


Dana Kiemeny Thompson said...

Heya, that flower I'm pretty sure is from a lily, you know, when they open up that those dangly orange staining buggers come out. Well, I've had some clothes ruined so I'm pretty darn sure they could do that to finger. Anyway, nice post. :) I love how you never miss the small things. Your perspective is so fresh.

oldendays said...

That's the pollen(in the stamens).

It is quite staining!