Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Here are a bunch of random things that I have taken pictures of lately. Even though I've lived here for over a year and a half there are still things that surprise, puzzle and entertain me every time I leave my apartment. This is what has caught my eye recently.
Some funny billboards/ads. I have to say, Sizzler is NOT Tastier Good and is super expensive.
Next up are also food related. The Brasilia restaurant's ad was deliberate and I just thought it was funny. And the other is just for interests sake. You can get a beer combo at movie theatres here. A large beer is only $3!

The same day we visited the theatre (we saw Wall-E and it was excellent!!!) we had some dinner at a nearby Vietnamese place. Matt got a set that included this! Look at the CLAW! Now that is hardcore.

Also hardcore is this emo pastel panda shirt. It laments, "I want to be a colorful panda". Poor panda. You need to hang out with the panda from Art Box. Now he's ALWAYS relaxed (this reference will only be understood by people who are familiar with this Korean store). Also, have you EVER seen a piano flute before? Now if that isn't the most bad ass thing I've ever seen... Wow. This band was playing a free concert at Jamsil station the other day.

The last thing just confuses the hell out of me. I really don't understand the logic here sometimes. You may recall back in January when we went ice skating at Lotte World for my birthday it was required that everyone wear gloves while they were skating. It didn't matter if you were a professional skater or that 3000 people were skating at the same time and therefore you were going at a snail's pace. EVERYONE had to wear gloves or they weren't allowed on the ice. If you didn't have gloves they had glove vending machines handy.
Flash forward to the present. It's summer and since it's an indoor rink you can still skate at Lotte World. And gloves continue to be mandatory. However, if you want to skate with BARE LEGS, this is completely acceptable. I wasn't able to get a good picture since the batteries in my camera died but there were several people skating with bare legs. But don't worry- their HANDS were protected. Wtf?!? Can someone explain this one to me?


Andy M said...

haha... my favourite animal is steak! Hilarious! Tastier Good also gets a giggle. Nice spotting.

Maybe the Panda that wants to be colorful could volunteer itself for testing beauty products... Get paid for what it wants to do. 2 birds with one stone, so to speak :p

ambearo said...

Heheh.. good ideas Andy!

Natty said...

we have piano flutes here! They have a fancy name... think it is a very asian thing though! We used one in a music therapy session with our kids the other day!