Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Anniversary

Our ninth anniversary was on the 12th of this month so Saturday we spent the day together doing cheesy romantic things. It was a bit challenging since it was Chuseok that weekend and a lot of things were closed but we managed. Here's the link for all the pictures.

First we dressed up and took the cable car up to North Seoul Tower on Namsan. Earlier we'd bought some locks and a permanent marker at Lotte Mart and when we got to the Tower we spent some time decorating them and writing stuff on them. Then we mulled over where the best spot to put them would be. I wanted them to be near a heart shaped bike lock but I wanted it to have an okay view too. That turned out to be a tall order so we compromised on the nice view in order to get the cute heart shaped bike lock nearby.

Then we sat on the patio to enjoy a pitcher of sangria and bask in the sunshine while overlooking Seoul. It was lovely and fun but possibly not my smartest move since there was a lot of sangria and it was only 4pm. Then we had to hike down the mountain (and we were a bit tipsy). Oops!

We were disappointed that our favorite (expensive) restaurant was closed- but not for Chuseok! They were renovating and so most of the kitchen had been pulled out and left on the sidewalk in front and there were various workers milling about. I hope the restaurant didn't change owners because then the food might not be as nice. Plus I loved the atmosphere in there. So we were at a loss of where to eat. We decided to go to Itaewon and go to a different Italian restaurant and it turned out that one had changed owners and had a different name. Grrr! We were too hungry to argue and the menu was basically the same so we ate there. In retrospect it may have been a better idea to just eat somewhere cheap and try the first restaurant again later. The food was only "okay" but the price tag was still pretty steep. Oh well.

Next we decided to watch a movie and decided on "Mamma Mia" basically because we had heard other people had liked it and because there were no other English movies playing. I love Meryl Streep but I have to say this movie was pretty ridiculous. I have vowed never to watch another play/movie based on popular songs. The plots are always too ridiculous for me to suspend my disbelief and usually I prefer the original versions of the songs anyway. It's okay Meryl, I still love you.

So we caught a cab home. Since it was Chuseok the roads were pretty quiet, but there was light traffic. Our cab driver had a death wish though or maybe he was using the quieter roads as an opportunity to practice for the Indy 500. Matt and I simultaneously reached for our seatbelts because that guy was SPEEDING. At one point (when my eyes weren't squeezed shut) we were up to almost 140 km/h in SEOUL. What the eff!?! I thought for sure we were going to crash more than one time. We did make it home safe and sound so I guess it was a good end to the day. We certainly appreciated eachother more having narrowly escaped certain death! Now we just have to figure out something cool to do for our ten year anniversary. Any ideas?


Mom Bruce said...

Good for you guys! Congratulations!

Carter said...

140 km/h! Holy crap!!!

Sounds like had a great day!

I was going to save this blog until the weekend but after being deprived of any updates, I gave in and read it. :)

Kirsty Bryce said...

I suggest getting married, or making me an auntie.

Carter said...

Love the picture in the blog of you two.

But I love the last picture of Matt even more!

Anonymous said...

Aww... Your locks are super cute!!

ambearo said...

Thanks everyone! (Except maybe KB ~.^)

Mez said...


Australia might be a romantic location for your 10th anniversary ;)

Andy said...

congrats ^^