Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kelly's Birthday

Last Thursday the A-team reunited to celebrate Kelly's birthday. We didn't do anything too fancy- just had some delicious chicken galbi and cheesy rice. We also had some fantastic cake and in keeping with tradition I was sent over to the other table of people in the restaurant to give them some cake. Min Jeong taught me what to say but when I had to say it I got nervous and totally screwed it up. It was pretty funny. Afterwards we had a couple drinks before calling it a night. Work is so much easier to face when you're friends with your coworkers.


Crystal said...
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Carter said...

What exactly is cheesy rice? Is it just rice and cheese? What kind of cheese? I am curious!

ambearo said...

Cheesy rice is basically what it sounds like. After you eat the spicy chicken you leave some sauce and they add rice with gimchi/hot pepper sauce, some gim (seaweed) and they put "pizza cheese" on top (sort of like processed mozzarella). It's so delicious!!