Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Baking Extravaganza

Now that it's not a billion degrees outside (only a million) I had a chance to experiment a bit more with baking in my toaster oven. While we were shopping at Home Plus I made a few exciting discoveries. They had Hersey's cocoa powder and white chocolate chips!!! I am CERTAIN that both were an ordering mistake since the cocoa powder is with the hot chocolate mix (there are going to be some very disappointed Koreans) and the chocolate chips were with the chocolate bars and were on sale. I squealed when I saw the chips and immediately grabbed them. The Korean couple next to me looked extremely puzzled and intrigued. After I walked away a bit I saw them carefully picking up a package and examining it. Hahah!
Anyway, so far I have made chocolate muffins with white chocolate chips and also cookies. The muffin recipe I had was a bit ghetto so I ended up having to modify it a bit which meant it wasn't as chocolate-y as I hoped. Live and learn. Considering that few Koreans bake (they just don't own ovens) it was quite the novelty for me to bring home baked goods. Everyone liked them, even if I knew they could be better. The cookies I made on the weekend and brought to the book club meeting were AWESOME though and I will definitely use that recipe again. Although I am running out of white chocolate chips and probably Home Plus will never have them again. Oh well!


Carter said...

ooooh! They look so moist and delicious!!!

Sara said...

Wow! I'm so impressed that you made such gorgeous cakes in a toaster oven! They look perfect!..
Over here cocoa is always sold with drinking chocolate, though I don't know anyone who still drinks it. I've given up using it in chocolate cakes because like you said, I find it doesn't make them taste chocolatey. It just makes brown cake!

ambearo said...

Baking in the toaster oven is pretty effective, actually. It helps that we bought one with a temperature setting. Generally things take a bit longer to bake than in a regular oven though (so we usually turn the heat up a bit more). When I made the chocolate cookies I used more cocoa and they were definitely really chocolate-y and not just brown. ^^

Andy M said...

they look deliciously tasty ^^