Sunday, September 07, 2008

T-shirts in Myeongdong

After we hiked around Namsan we spent some time in Myeongdong and I spotted a few humorous shirts. Enjoy!

This one seems like a thinly veiled death threat, doesn't it?

The brand Maru has some pretty funny Konglish-y shirts. At least Joyce is being honest and I'm glad to hear Lisa isn't racist.

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Andy M said...

In the third t-shirt, it goes so well until

"pamela can't believe hot she is pure". lol

Also, i'm not a fan of "god" being on english t-shirts. it's just... weird... considering that random english is just a fashion here.

and i think the "The know is nothing at all" is meant to be some kind of (extremely) bad copy of the "do you know?" doko is korean" thing.