Sunday, February 18, 2007

A pleasant Sunday hike

Often I curse a little bit when I think about how "in the boonies" we are in Pungmu-dong and about how long it takes us to go anywhere relatively interesting. However, I do enjoy the mountains and nature in the area so there are some positive things about not being on the 17th floor of a high-rise in Seoul. Last Sunday Matt was busy working on his play so I decided to go out for a walk. The walk turned into a bit of a hike and I eventually ended up in Saudong a couple hours later (no it didn't take me that long to walk to Saudong, that's just when I ended up there after walking and hiking all over the place). The whole time I was thinking how much Donna would love living in this area because she really likes to take these sorts of walks. I took some pictures and here are a few highlights.

I love how reddish orange the soil is around here.

The little shrine on the mountain near the school.

A weird little exercise area on another mountain. Yes, that is a clock fastened to the tree and covered in saran wrap.

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