Sunday, February 04, 2007

It's a Style Party and everyone's invited!

Another thing that I really love about Korea are the interesting and humorous names they come up with for their stores and shops. Everywhere you go there is another hilarious (or atleast mildly amusing) place that you want to stop and look at to see if it lives up to its name. I have taken pictures of a few places but there are just too darn many to capture on film. (I should have taken one of that bar called Beer Hunter though, that's just a cool name) Here is a sample from the last couple weeks.

Some places make me want to dance.

Others cheer me up.

Some are thought provoking:
I wonder how many graduates of Pa's Dance Studio go on to an illustrious career at Bikini Virgin.

Some are just generally confusing. Although finally I can get a decent cup of coffee with a side of Star Wars.

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Anonymous said...

Who would have ever thought, Star Wars AND Coffee at the same place. This picture made me laugh out loud :) Cindy