Monday, February 12, 2007

Full Pajama Day Coverage

As mentioned in the previous post, we had another theme day at Little Brown on Friday and this time it was pajama-rific. The kids were all really cute in their pajamas. The kids that dressed up were given lollipops as a "prize". In Lion class this meant that since Max and Brian were not wearing pajamas they did not get candy. Look at this face:

Brian just finished asking me, "Where me candy?". I was proud though since he was very brave and didn't cry. When we were sitting down for "Morning Message" time the other kids (Steven, Daniel and Ben) asked why Max and Brian had no pajamas. Well then Max said that his Mom told him to come to school and just take off his sweatshirt (All the kids wear crazy long underwear here under their clothes all the time).

Behold the chain of events after this statement.

It truly was a Pajama Day miracle!

It really was a fun day since we got to make popcorn balls for one of our class periods (and it took longer than expected so that stretched into 2 periods). I wore my pumpkin pajama pants and my awesome blue monster slippers. I let a couple kids try them on and they were really cute. The theme days can sometimes be a pain in the butt (like Brown Day- what the heck!?!) but overall they are entertaining and amusing.

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