Sunday, February 04, 2007

Hard arteries are strong arteries.

Before coming to Korea my perception of the cuisine here was that it was really healthy and thus why Asian people in general are really slim and fit. Now, if you stick to traditional dishes that would be quite true but Koreans love to snack and things are becoming more "western" everyday. There are bakeries on every corner (there is nothing less nutritional than Korean bread, let me tell you) and they love fried chicken (one of Matt's students tried to tell him the other day that the only safe chicken was fried chicken- ha!) and of course, pizza. Now pizza in North America is not what I would call a healthy snack but somehow they have managed to take it to another level here.
Look closely at this pizza that was given to us by one of the mothers of a student for the staff to enjoy. Cheese? Yep. Green Peppers? Check. Onions? Sure, why not? Bacon? Okay. Potatoes? Hmmm... Oh yeah and those are hot dogs wrapped in the crust. Good Lord! If this made it to North America it would be over. We would be wiped out as a culture. The next step is two for one gastric bipass surgery. What's next? Chocolate covered lard? Pizza with a fried chicken and marshmellow crust? (although deep fried chocolate bars are pretty bad- hopefully that doesn't catch on here or they'll have way more problems than having Kim Jong Il as a neighbour)

As you can see, the potential health repercussions didn't stop anyone from eating the Pizza of Death. I think the correct term here would be 'gluttons for punishment'.

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