Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A cute shirt and something yummy...

Well I was out running errands tonight I came across this shirt and it made me chuckle. Unfortunately I couldn't get a great picture of it.

Oh yes, you're a sexy penguin indeed!

And in case anyone was wondering, the strawberries in Korea are the best in the world. Seriously. They are way more sweet and delicious than any strawberries I've ever had in my life. Here Matt displays the ones I bought tonight (with a complimentary bowl, I might add) on the street for about $10.
Because they are a bit greener I was always reluctant to buy any since I thought they wouldn't be ripe (well if I bought strawberries in Canada that were this color they wouldn't be ripe). Then one day we had some at school and I realized the err of my ways. The strawberries are so sweet and succulent that they're like candy. If you're ever in the neighbourhood I definitely recommend that you pick some up!

This reminds me of how much I enjoy the random fruit selling that goes on around here. On Friday we went for dinner with Joi and Paige (by this point Joi had gone home since she was really tired) and this man wandered into the restaurant with a pineapple. He gave us all a sample of it and then started talking to Paige. We asked what he wanted and it turned out he was selling pineapples- 3 for 10,000 won and they were already cored and sliced (in the most brilliant way too- it just looked cored with the peel still on but then you could easy pull it apart into quarters and then the fruit was somehow sliced inside- simply amazing!). Of course we bought some and if you look closely in that last picture you can see the reminants of the last pineapple in the background. I can't wait for watermelon season to start!

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