Sunday, February 04, 2007

It was like a food field trip...

So yesterday we met up with Kelly and went to Namyeong to have some delicious food. Initially we planned to get waffles (yes! glorious waffles!) but ended up going for Japanese first. She took us down a couple deserted and destitute looking alleys until we arrived at the California Roll House. Oh man, why isn't this restaurant next door to me? Everything was so cheap and delicious that it's a shame it's so far away and so difficult to find. I didn't take a picture so you'll have to take my word for it that the noodles and sushi and california rolls we ate were divine. After we ate (for the first time) we walked around the area and looked at the campus of Sookmyung University . It's a really big campus and seemed like a pretty nice place. It's for women only and one of Kelly's friends went there (Kelly went to the other women's university, Ewha.). There was a bit too much concrete for my liking but I suppose it is a city, so what can you do?

After we burned off a few sushi calories we went to the Waffle House and had our second lunch/dinner. They do waffles a bit different here since they make them into these little waffle sandwiches that are filled with butter and apple jam. It was really yummy though. The pièce de résistance was the icy strawberry ice cream yummy dessert. When Kelly explained it to me the closest thing that I could come up with was a strawberry snowcone but as you can plainly see from the pictures this is unlike any snowcone I've ever seen.
Kelly didn't realize she was going to make an appearance in the picture but isn't she just adorable? Too bad I was sitting close and had to cut off part of her head.

It was really, really excellent and again I wish that this restaurant was located much more conveniently. This is way better than a snowcone and I guess you can get the same thing with different fruit (for example kiwi). Kelly said we should open our own waffle house/icy dessert place in Canada and name it after her. Anyone care to finance this??

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