Sunday, February 04, 2007

Koreans make the best t-shirts.

So I've gotten in the habbit of buying funny t-shirts (even though most of them are asian size and I can't actually wear them) and here are my three favorite/most recent. I can only wear the restroom one though.
In case the striped one is too hard to read it says, "CATS IN BAG BAGS IN RIVER".

This one also has similar images written on the front but I thought the back would photograph better.

There you have it. T-shirts are much more entertaining in Korea.


JediEmpress said...

Okay, the Jesus Christ I Will Save You one made me bust up laughing. I seriously am in love with that shirt.
Why can't they have those here? Although if they did, they would just be knock off engrish shirts and therefore not as funny.
I wish I could buy one so bad though.

ambearo said...

That one is my favorite too and was the first that I bought. I passed by it a number of times before I broke down and bought it. I figure that even if I can never wear it maybe I can give to someone or maybe just put it on my wall. Hahah.

JediEmpress said...

Do they have more of that shirt, or was it the only one? Because if there were more, and it's not some crazy other city that you'll have to go and visit, I would totally paypal you money for one.
[well and obviously extra for the trouble.] But if it's a hassle, then no worries.

ambearo said...

I'm not sure if they have another. The store is nearby and next time I'm in the neighbourhood (or just looking at shirts in general) I'll keep an eye out. If I see another I'll pick it up for you. :) Sometimes it can be tough to find a shirt you see but I have seen this one a few times so maybe I'll find it again.

Melissa said...

=] Alrighty. Thank you so much for even looking. I appreciate it. If they don't have one, I'll survive.
Hooray for crazy funny shirts. Oh ya. Sorry about the other night on the IM. I was not intentionally ignoring you. I just got distracted when I went away to eat dinner.