Sunday, February 04, 2007

Adentures in Hongdae

Last weekend Matt and I decided to go explore a part of Seoul that we haven't had much time to see. Namely, Hongdae. We went during the day though so we missed out on all the nightclub action (although if you're interested in hearing about that kind of thing you could probably ask Joi or Jon since they are partying it up almost every weekend there) but there were other interesting things to see. For example, we found a place called Margaritas and had some decent Mexican food (I had a margarita and you would think a place called Margaritas could handle that but alas, it was like margarita mix with ice- no blending in sight) and that was quite delicious. We also wandered around and looked at interesting stores and had some really expensive truffles at this chocolate place. Since we are both eternally sick here (I think I have caught every cold Korea has to offer) we called it an early night and went home. Not before witnessing this comic display. Hongdae is a university area and therefore is teeming with young people. On this particular day it was pretty cold out (for Korean standards) and here is this guy running around without a shirt on.
Notice the cameraman following him around. Basically we were able to glean from him (and another guy running around in the other half of that outfit- which meant on the bottom he just had boxer shorts) that he was on a mission for live television to collect kisses from women. He really didn't know much English but we had been watching him for a bit before he approached us and I do know the Korean word for kiss (bo-po). Both guys (separately during our Hongdae browsing) asked Matt's permission for me to give them a kiss on the cheek. I thought that was interesting and humorous. So maybe I'm on a Korean reality show somewhere as the featured foreigner who kissed both of the guys. Only in Korea.

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