Monday, March 31, 2008

Work Lunch at Outback

So on Friday our manager, Mark, took everyone for lunch at Outback Steakhouse. Originally he'd said we would go out for Korean food but I think a combination of 1. galbi (BBQ meat) places don't open until later in the day and 2. they all subscribe to this stereotype that foreigners only eat greasy food, made him change the venue. Whatever. It was nice that they took us for lunch. All the Koreans were shocked to learn that all of the foreigners never ate at Outback. In fact, all six of us had never been to an Outback restaurant before coming to Korea. All the stuff on the lunch menu seemed pretty heavy so I decided to get the seafood quesadilla, a new menu item. It was basically disgusting. I should have got a salad. Oh well, live and learn and I didn't have to pay for it.
You've probably noticed that this year I haven't really taken any pictures at work. We're not at Little Brown anymore and things aren't as picture friendly. Also we are alway frantically busy so I don't really have time even if it wouldn't be weird. This lunch was a good opportunity to take some pictures of the Korean women we are working with this year. So here they are. In the first picture (on the left) you can see Seon and I. Seon was my first coteacher and we worked together for the first two months of my contract. In the next picture I am with Yuni, who is my current coteacher for the past month.

Here's Matt (lucky guy) with all the Korean teaching staff. From left to right: Matt, Michelle (Matt's coteacher), Clara, Yuni, Kate, Seon. Aren't they lovely?

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