Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Awesomeness

Back when we had just returned to Seoul Eddie and Gisela gave us our birthday presents. They'd brought them all the way from America just for us. I don't have a picture of Matt's Yoda since he took it to school and put it in his classroom but I took this one of mine. GIANT PEZ! But better, Muppet Show giant Pez. And because we have way too much time on our hands we made a video so you could behold the true majesty of GIANT PEZ.


Eddie said...

Now let's see the Yoda video! Great dance choreography on Matt's part. :)

Anonymous said...


ambearo said...

I'll have to get him to bring it home from work... ^^

And the Pez is pretty awesome. It's the only Pez I've ever owned and now, the only one I need to own since it kicks all other Pez's asses.