Monday, March 17, 2008

Adventures in Listening Dictation: Part 3

I thought I would put these two selections together since they have the same subject matter.

Finding Your Ideal Partner I

Name: Aldo
Country: Brazil
Age: 22

I don't want my wife and me to be too independent. Couples in the United States are so independent, they can get everything by themselves. But then after they have a fight, they can just say, "Why should we stay together? One of us can move." In my culture, people struggle and have to depend on one another. When couples have a fight, they have to put up with each other. That's why marriages in Brazil last longer.

I'm looking for someone who can complete me. I don't want someone who can do pretty much the same things I can. I'm not saying she has to cook and I have to cut the grass. If I like to cook and she likes to fix computers, that's OK. Some things my wife should know how to do better than me, and some things I should know how to do better than her.

Finding Your Ideal Partner II

Name: Kanjana
Country: Thailand
Age: 24

I think it's important to find someone who wants to have children. When people get married, they should have children because children can take care of us when we're older. It's hard to find someone who loves us as much as our children do.

I also think it's important for the man to have enough money. If the woman can earn money, that's good, too, but it's more important that the man earns enough because he is the leader of the family. But if I had to choose between a man who has a lot of money and a man who understands me and loves me, I would choose the one who loves me.

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