Monday, March 10, 2008

A Bit of a Work Update...

Now that it's March there are a few changes at work. First, everyone had to switch classrooms because they realized that B Level could potentially require more classrooms and that the second floor (where A Level was) has more classrooms than the first floor. So now I'm in room 106, which actually is way bigger than my other room. This is okay but I miss my old room because it was right across from the photocopier and now I have to go to the 2nd floor whenever I need copies.

Also, now I am only teaching A1 and A3 levels, instead of A1, 2, 3 and 4. This is a fantastic change because it cut the amount of paperwork I have to do in half. It did mean that I got a new coteacher. Her name is Yuni and she is lovely and I really like her so that's no problem. I do love Seon though, my other coteacher. She is really outgoing and larger than life which is pretty unusual for a Korean woman. I told her she reminds me of a cartoon and she laughed.

We also have a new foreign staff member. I realize how weird it is that I have no pictures of anyone I work with, although we are pretty busy most of the time and I rarely see anyone so it's not surprising. It's just so different from last year. The new foreign guy is from Oregon, is named Eddie and seems really nice. I "trained" him (although it was only for one day or so but I have been checking in on him and answering any questions) and he totally surprised me on Friday by giving me a thank you present!! It was really sweet and cute actually. He explained all about it and how he lives near the place where the toffee is made and that Oregon is really famous for hazelnuts (I had no idea!).

Anyway, it was ridiculously delicious and it seems this place has a website so maybe sometime I will buy some for myself or as a gift. Super, amazing, fantastic! Here is my crappy picture of the toffee and a link to the website!

Also, I have started teaching a new class called Screen English. Basically this consists of watching an English cartoon. There are subtitles available and a script and I am to extract useful vocabulary and phrases for the kids to learn. It's pretty simple to teach and means that I get to watch cartoons and get paid for it. Currently we're watching a claymation movie called "Bump in the Night", a Super Dave Osborne cartoon (I kind of hate him, actually) and an Archie cartoon (which is surprisingly hilarious). Things are all fine and dandy right now but I can see these shows grating on me after watching them for the 2097th time. Hahah.

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