Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The street where I live...

My walk to and from work is very short, but it's certainly never boring. In the last post I mentioned that hilarious shirt that the regular street vendors were selling. What I didn't mention is that there are a few regular vendors and they sell fruit, socks, shirts and sometimes other vegetables. Fruit is incredibly seasonal here. It's unlikely that you will be able to find a watermelon in January and if you do it will be ridiculously expensive. I'm talking like $30 for a small one. However, when the fruit is in season it is ridiculously cheap so it all balances out and is a nice reminder to try and eat seasonally and also, by default, locally.

Right now strawberries are in season so my vendors always have huge tables and carts filled with boxes and boxes of strawberries. Originally there was only one vendor but a couple weeks ago a second one showed up and decided to set up about 5 metres away from the 1st one. It's turned into a bit of a bidding war, which is great for me since the price of strawberries right now is dirt cheap. I picked up this pack on my way home from work for $1!

Another interesting things that was happening tonight when I walked home from work was a film crew filming a movie! It looked pretty low budget (maybe even students from a local university), however they had fancy cameras, vans with equipment and giant spotlights. They were shooting outside of Jamsil Byeong Won (Hospital) and had even covered over some of the signs. Neat! This never happened in Gimpo!

I was feeling peckish but didn't want to eat a big meal since Matt gets off later and would be hungry too so we usually eat together. So I picked up a handy little Col-pop. What is a Col-pop you ask? Well, for $2 you get a drink and a small container of mini chicken nuggets/popcorn chicken things. Great deal and tasty too! Here's what it looks like:

Bask in it's chicken and cola-ness!

Anyway, that's my street for you... Maybe later I will do a full and comprehensive report on "fried chicken alley" as we've dubbed it. Heheh.

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