Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Walk...

So last week we remained apartment bound for the majority of our non-work related time. It was a good thing because it helped us get over a cold (although Matt is apparently sick again) but it also meant that we were feeling pretty squirrelly come Saturday. So we decided to take a giant walk and basically see where we ended up.

We saw a lot more of our neighbourhood and actually bumped into one of my students and his mom (what are the chances?!). We ended up by Olympic Stadium, which we live pretty close to.
After taking a break to have some mandu and bibimbap for lunch we decided to continue on. We learned that they have regular basketball games and a random Korean man informed us of the costs, etc in a very odd conversation. He pretty much told us we should go to the game and that we could buy a ticket for 7,000 won (about $7) and where the box office was. Then he asked us about our marital status and how many babies we have. Hahah.

Instead of watching basketball, a sport I really don't like, we continued on our way and decided to try and follow the signs to Hangang Park (Han River Park). A curious thing happened. We were on one side of the street and there was a massive sign that said "Hangang Park 1000m" and a huge red arrow telling us to cross the street. So we did. Then we looked up and saw another giant sign proclaming "Hangang Park 1100m". Bwahaha! But at least the arrow was pointing in the same direction so we carried on and hoped to fall into a secret worm hole which would take us to the park instantly. This is not what happened, unfortunately. I will give the short version- we did manage to get to the park but it was no easy. In fact, it was really difficult and we walked a really crazy roundabout way to get there.
Luckily we had stocked up on beverages. Matt found a new one so I think Pocari Sweat's days are numbered. This one is called "Amino Get Walk". Much tastier and clearly equips you better for giant walks.

We noted the top of the line safety equipment.

I wonder how Canadian the Pizza 26 pizza really is. Also, check out these crazy masks you can buy at Lotte World!

In the end we got back to Jamsil station and spent a bit of time shopping around Lotte World. We arrived home and our friend Leah called us and asked us to come out to Itaewon to hang out. So we freshened up and made our way out there. By coincidence Dana and Curtis were in the same area so we enjoyed some food and ice cream and then Matt, Leah and I went for a drink at the Rocky Mountain Tavern.

Sunday we cleaned our entire apartment, did all the laundry and then went to Bundang to hang out with Dana and Curtis. This included board games, delicious food cooked by Dana and norae bang. When we got home we watched the movie Atonement which was just 'okay' if you ask me.


Anonymous said...

Mmm...Mandu sooo good. And what the heck is Pizza 26?? Isn't it Pizza 73? Man o man they better of had amazing potato pizza I tell ya..

ambearo said...

I have no idea! Weird, eh?