Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Adventures in Listening Dictation: Part 2

Here's another little gem.

A Jamaican Religious Movement

It was when I visited Jamaica some ears ago that I first learned about Rastafarians. Rastafarians are members of a Jamaican religious movement that started in the 1930s. According to their belief, the only true God is the late Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie who was originally known as Ras Tafari. Rastafarians also believe that white Christian preachers and missionaries have distorted the Bible to hide the fact that Adam and Jesus were black. The Rastafarians can be described as a religious group popularly characterized by their special hairstyle, music, and ganja.

Teacher, teacher- what's ganja? Hahaha.


courtneyminors said...

i'm a jamaican; i have had the priviledge of living in korea in 1979-80. the koreans are very nice people. ganja is the drug that has distorted the rastafarians minds...children. and that's no laughing matter.

Sara said...

These are so nuts! I love it! (but cringe at the thought of them in context!) x