Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Belated White Day!

If you've been paying attention to this blog for any length of time you would know that Koreans have two "Valentine's Days" but the 2nd one is a month later, on March 14th, and is called White Day. It's also the day where boys are supposed to give candy and chocolate to girls. So I was hoping for some delicious treats. I didn't get much, especially compared to last year, but that's okay. Matt bought me the basket of goodies (awww) and students gave me the other stuff. I love the giant lollypop and I really giggled when a boy named David proudly presented me with two fruit roll-ups. Hahaha! "Teacher, teacher, America jelly!" (They call any kind of soft, gummy, chewy candy a jelly here.)
My biggest surprise though was that little blue box. White Day was on Friday and so I had 4 regular classes and then my level 5 Screen English class. I just started teaching Screen English and these students I only see once a week and this was actually their second class. This level only has 2 students, actually, a girl and a boy. I walked in and only the girl was there. The bell rang, I went to start the video when suddenly Jun Jae rushed in, all out of breath. He apologized for being late and then presented me with this adorable box in a very respectful way (head bowed, box held in both hands). I was so shocked! And it was my most delicious White Day gift- some kind of hazelnut truffles with a white chocolate top. Like a mini mountain of scrumptious! Yay for White Day!

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