Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Weekend Full of New Experiences

Last weekend was really jam packed and busy but so amazing! On Friday night we went out with a couple coworkers (Ryan and Eddie) for a late dinner and some drinks. Will was really tired so he didn't come out with us, but that's okay, next time. It was nice getting to know them better and we'd all had a crazy week so it was cool to be able to let off a little steam. Eddie just started working at our school this month and he seems really nice.

Then on Saturday I ventured out on my own. I met up with some new people that I met off a website. Okay, maybe this sounds a little scary but I was meeting a girl from London and in Korea it can be really tough to meet new people that speak English. Anyway, her name is Rosanna and she brought a couple friends, Kat and Cruise. We had lunch and then tried to go to a Korean fortune teller that spoke English (this was the main point of the get together). There was a massive line so Rosanna asked us if we'd ever tried Dr. Fish before... None of us had.
So we went into this place that looked like a regular coffee shop to me. Everyone ordered a drink and the "Dr. Fish". I had a delicious ice chocolate. After we finished our drinks we proceeded to the Dr. Fish zone where we all removed our shoes and socks, rolled up our pants and washed our feet.

Then we went and sat on pillows, the worker set the timer and we had 25 minutes to stick our feet in a pool of water filled with tiny fish. What do these fish do? They eat the dead skin off of your feet!!! WEIRD!! (Also a little bit gross.) But it was really cool.
Rosanna was telling us that apparently there are places where you can get a full body Dr. Fish treatment. I'm not sure if I would be that brave! I was reading up on it a bit when I got home and it turns out these fish are great for people with skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, acne) because they remove the dead/diseased skin and leave the healthy skin behind.

After Dr. Fish we decided to check out the fortune teller once more and we were in luck! We only had to wait about 10 minutes. Then he told everyone's fortune. It was so much fun and a great laugh. He took our birth dates and times and did a lot of scribbling and looking at books and then told us about our fixed and unfixed (could change) future. I don't remember all of my details but basically my element is Earth and this showed up a lot, and I am "big Earth"- a mountain. And my inner energy is masculine. Since I was born in the winter I am frozen Earth and therefore it is difficult for men to have a relationship with me. Hehe. He likened men to trees and said that it's tough for trees to grow in the frozen soil.

He said that I am better suited to have my own business and be my own boss, not a salaryman. Also that I should go back to school. He told me 2011 is a lucky time for me to get married. Also that I would have 2 daughters and one would be extremely gorgeous (he wouldn't stop talking about this and kept coming back to that point numerous times). But that my children will try to boss me around and act like my grandmother. Hahah! But this would be lessened if I have children past the age of 29. He also said that I will make a lot of money in my mid-30s and for the next 25 years after that but I need to watch out for people trying to take my money. Cruise asked when he would die and was told when he is 95 so I asked too. You're in luck, I apparently will live to be 97! I wish I had taken a picture of the booth or the fortune teller. He told me a lot more stuff but I've unfortunately forgotten a lot of it plus his English was good, not perfect. It was a cool experience and one I've wanted to do for a really long time. There are fortune teller booths everywhere here but very few speak English.
Here's a picture of some of the stuff I bought on Saturday. A cool earring holder/stand. You can see my current collection of earrings. I wasn't a fan of dangly earrings until I visited BC and Matt's sister Corinna gave me some (she sells jewelry). Now I really like them and you can buy interesting ones for really cheap here. And I got this awesome purse! It's so adorable and a gorgeous shade of brown.

When I got back to Jamsil on Saturday night, Matt and I went to Ho Lee Chow's for Chinese food and then did some grocery shopping at Lotte Mart. Ho Lee Chow makes great food but is a bit expensive. It was super delicious. And since it was White Day recently I got to pull a slip of paper out of a bowl and try to win something. I think they had some prizes like money off your bill, etc but I ended up winning candy. What kind of candy? Well, 4 mini candy canes actually. Bwahahah!
On Sunday we met with our book club, which was great. A member named Mitzi (who is really outrageous, outgoing and funny) had attended the Vagina Monologues the day before and came bearing vagina shaped chocolate. She gave one to me and I have to say it was very tasty. Hahah. It was pretty hilarious.

After the book club we rushed off since we had tickets to the Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged). It was put on by a traveling group and was really cute and funny. I'd recommend it, even if you aren't into Shakespeare. In this picture you can see the pamphlet for the play, my Ho Lee Chow White Day gift, some cute stickers I bought and an awesome book Rosanna gave me about all the different kinds of museums and art galleries in Seoul (there are some crazy ones like the Tax Museum and the Lock Museum). Fun! How was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

Mmmm...Chocolate Vagina...

Mom Bruce said...

My weekends are never as good as yours!!

ambearo said...

You clearly need to move to Seoul!

Carter said...


I've always wanted to go to a fortune teller too!

You sure got way more information than I thought they normally give out!

I thought they'd look at you, your age and say random things like "Oh, you will find love. You'll have a good career." or something like that.

I was going to go to a Dr. Fish place like that except it IS for the whole body and, of course, you have to go naked. I just want to have my feet treated!!!

Sara T said...

So much brilliant stuff!
The fish thing sounds horrible and amazing all at once! Did it work? Do you have perfect feet now?

ambearo said...

Well I doubt I'll ever have perfect feet but I did notice they were much softer and smoother! So they did something... ^^