Monday, February 11, 2008

Watch Your Fingers

Since we'd been off work for four months and done a bit of traveling, a lot of shopping and plenty of socializing January was a pretty tight month, moneywise. We've since gotten paid (don't worry, we're not starving to death or anything) and are getting back on our feet but there were some rough times.

Like this night in particular. Matt went off with a couple of bucks to forage for some dinner after work. And this was the result. Check out the balanced meal he found... and devoured. I did get a few bites though!

It was a frightening night but I learned an important lesson. Don't get between Matt and fried chicken.

He even ate the sauce! I'm sure his mom is really proud. Hahah!


Anonymous said...

I like chicken.

Anonymous said...

맷 배불렀겠군...하하하

carole said...

Ha ha you guys are both hilarious, I miss you!!!

ambearo said...

hmmm.... carlos I don't understand all of your comment... I read Matt and stomach full but I don't understand the rest. Oh and the hahaha at the end I know. ^^

We miss you too Carole!

Mom Bruce said...

Every time I read your Blog I understand why you and KB are friends!!

Anonymous said...

Did a man on a beach sell it to you Matty??