Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another busy weekend!

Time really seems to be flying by since we returned to Korea. I can't believe we've been here almost 2 months now! I like working in the evenings, I think. It makes the work day go by really quickly and it probably helps that my work day is only 6 hours long to begin with. Hahah.

This past weekend was a really busy, but fun one. I'm trying to get out and meet more people this year since I have so much free time available. On Friday night, after work, Matt and I met up with our new friends Hokunani and Leah and a friend of theirs and did some norae bang. It was a novelty because we met in our neighbourhood (Jamsil) so for once we didn't have to worry about how we'd get home if we stayed out later than the subway runs (it stops at midnight, in case you're wondering).

On Saturday I spent some time blogging and then later we met up with the lovely Paige Teacher in Gangnam. I think I will do a separate post for all the amusing Engrish/Konglish stuff we found while shopping that that area. We had dinner with Paige, caught up, tried to see a movie (Jumper) but it was sold out, ate frozen yogurt at Red Mango and then did some shopping.

Sunday was also incredibly busy. Matt and I made our way back to Gangnam for a book club meeting. I think it was fate because I wrote down the information a couple weeks ago when we went to What the Book. The book club had placed a small ad on the bulletin board there. And then Eddie happened to lend us a few books to read and then I found out that one of the book he lent us (You Suck by Christopher Moore) was actually the book they picked for Sunday's meeting. Crazy! I didn't take any pictures of the group (since I just met them and I think that would have been a little weird) but probably at a later meeting. Everyone was really nice and now I have lots of reading to do! (Which is good since that's another goal for this year; to read more.) We met in Kyobo Tower and outside was this beautiful sculpture that made us think of Matt's Mom and the mosaic tiles we made while we visited her.

After we finished up with the book club (around 4pm) we rushed to Bundang to meet up with D, C, E & G and Dana and Curtis' coworker MK. Unfortunately E & G had some trouble with transit and arrived late so we had dinner without them. We all managed to meet up and make it to see We Will Rock You in time though! Yay!

I enjoyed the show, although I have to say, it's ridiculous. Completely absurd. The storyline/plot is totally goofy and over the top and basically just serves as a mechanism to place Queen songs in it. The music was really fantastic though and it was highly entertaining watching the Korean audience react to the show (they frickin' loved it. Like stand ovation and ecstatic clapping loved it.). Plus when am I ever going to see another show with the line "You'll never escape my lazer cage!"? Something that I was excited about was that the lead male was played by Mig Ayesa. You may remember him from the TV show Rockstar: INXS where he was one of the finalists.

I don't really have any interesting pictures from that night since it was all very rushed. I was trying to take some at intermission but an usher came over to give me crap so it looks like only Dana, Curtis, Matt and I were there. Boo. Needless to say, we were pretty exhausted by the end of the weekend. It was a good exhausted though.

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2-ton said...

Hey, I got your blog on my google alert for MiG! Glad you had a blast at WWRY. I am a big MiG fan and I am going to link to this blog on so other fans can read it.