Monday, February 18, 2008

Little Brown's Final Graduation

Last Tuesday Matt and I woke up really early (early even for normal people- 6:30 am!!) to get ready and make the pilgrimage to Gimpo for Little Brown's graduation ceremony. I would have wanted to attend anyway but it was extra important since now the school is closed and this would be our last chance to see any of the kids/staff from the school. We managed to make it there (although this was no easy task with rush hour and frigid temperatures) and I'm so glad we did.

I was a bit nervous that we'd be intruding since we hadn't taught there since September but we were really warmly received.

As soon as Brian (from Tiger class who I taught when he was in Lion class) saw us he ran up and start to ask us questions about his brother. "Did you see big brother? Go to Canada! Did you see? He eat lunch there many, many times and go to swimming pool!" It was so cute. I had to break it to him that although we went to Canada too we unfortunately didn't see his mom or his older brother Edward while we were there. Better luck next time, perhaps.
It was really great seeing the kids and parents that showed up for the graduation. We got to hand out our business cards so maybe we'll hear from some of them again someday. Mr. Rhie seemed happy to see us again and he mentioned us in the big speech (in Korean) to the parents and then everyone clapped. It was sweet but kind of embarrassing. After the ceremony they insisted on taking us out to lunch (I was a bit nervous about getting back to Seoul for 3pm when I had to work). We went along and managed to get home in time. It was a long, tiring and crazy day but I think it was important we went. Goodbye Little Brown!
To see all the pictures you should go here.


Carter said...

I don't recall if you said why the Little Brown school was closing. It's so sad!!!! (T T)

ambearo said...

No one gave me an exact reason but I can assume that it was a combo of disorganization, poor management and a string of bad hires. (T T) I think Rhie told Margot it was a financial thing but basically it was those other factors causing them to lose students until they went bankrupt.