Thursday, February 21, 2008

An Amusing Afternoon of Shopping in Gangnam

Anyone that has read this blog even quasi consistently knows that one thing that I delight in is the crazy fashions and unusual English translations that can be found here. I try to take pictures whenever I can and this past weekend I hit the mother load. Possibly no one else thinks these are amusing but just picture some innocent, illiterate woman (say Paris Hilton) wandering around wearing these shirts. You can see them all over here but I'll post my highlights.

A few featuring our favorite cuss word. I'd like to mention that the second shirt is really, really small and could possibly be purchased for a child or teen. (><)

There weren't just funny t-shirts to be found. There was also this portable drug case, a very thoughtful and handy gift for the addict in your life.

This one really cracked me up. Only the biggest rockstar can pull off wearing a necklace made of sunglasses. Eat your heart out Corey Hart!

Every Canadian will be relieved to learn that we are well known for our weiners in Asia.

And check out this dog!! Fuchsia ears and a hoodie with bunny ears on it! Hardcore! Even the dogs have wicked style here.

Overall it was a great shopping day for me. I got some new cute socks, a CD I'd wanted since we went to Osaka last year, some adorable post-its, and a bunch of gifts! Paige bought me the headband and the earrings and the lotions were a sample. Also, on the way home in the subway a random Korean girl gave me the change purse and the perfume (just for being cute, I think). Score!


Crystal said...


How is the rest of the c.d.?
How much did it cost? I'm sure that would have gone for about $35 CDN in Japan.

ambearo said...

I really like the CD. But you weren't crazy about YUI so maybe you wouldn't like it... It cost just over 13,000 won so that's like $13-14 or so.