Saturday, February 16, 2008

Just down the block...

Another crazy and fun thing about Korea is all the interesting things they sell on the street. Buying items on the street can be a great way to save money since usually the prices are lower and often you can barter. What kinds of things do they sell? Well, the most common items are fruit, vegetables, clothing, socks, pirated DVDs, jewelry and shoes. However, occasionally you come across more exotic items. Look at what people were recently selling in my neighbourhood.
Look at the size of those shellfish!! And can you see the massive pile of empty shells? So crazy! We did buy any but these are the type of shellfish we ate last year on Wolmido (island).

It was like a pet store on the street! I felt sorry for the animals because it was really cold that night. This was just around the corner from our apartment. The man was selling fish, birds, hamsters, rabbits and puppies!

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