Monday, February 11, 2008

Amber's Day of Birth Activities...

As a birthday present to me (not really) our job gave us the 14th and 15th off from work. So we went to Dana and Curtis' on the 14th, spent the night (they have a spare room) and then on the 15th went to Suwon for dinner at Eddie and Gisela's.
In case you don't know, Dana is an outstanding and vastly talented cook. So after playing board games and guitar hero into the wee hours of the night she woke up early to make me a real breakfast. And it was glorious!
Afterwards they went to work and we decided to explore Bundang (where they live) a bit. We enjoyed a delicious soft pretzel at Auntie Anne's and then did some important internet related activities at a PC Bang. Finally we braved the bus system and got on a bus to Suwon.
We made it to Suwon without a hitch, did a bit of shopping and then hopped a cab to get to Eddie and Gisela's place. I have the most wonderful friends. Eddie cooked a Mexican feast and they picked up cheesecake as my birthday cake. It was amazing!!! I'm drooling a bit thinking of it. Eddie even opened his bottle of special wine from America that Maynard from Tool co-owns. It was really cool. And Eddie even had an Oilers game playing in the background (unfortunately I already knew the Oilers won but that's okay!). What a great birthday.
And in return we brought over the weirdest and creepiest thing I have ever seen. This was left behind by the girls that lived in Dana and Curtis' place. Dana didn't want it in her place (and I don't blame her) but Eddie (and Matt but I vetoed him keeping it) thought it was great. Look closely if you're brave... Can you tell what it is? This is disgusting and disturbing snake wine from Vietnam!!! Can you see the two snakes in the bottle now? *shudder* There is a cobra with a smaller snake in it's mouth. So vile and creepy!! Matt and Eddie claim they will drink it one day but I'm not sure they would survive! I mean, it's got to be at least part formaldehyde!

For complete birthday pictures you should mosey on down here.


Kirsty Bryce said...

We drank snake alcohol in Japan, too. It tastes like rotgut. But I think that had more to do with the quality of the alcohol than the snake.

Anonymous said...

I also tried it, got a bottle there
Would you dare to drink it yourself?

ambearo said...

Who are you anonymous? Right now anyone affiliated with snake wine seems creepy to me, moreso if they are anonymous snake wine drinkers/peddlers.