Thursday, February 28, 2008

More Happy Shiny!

On Saturday we slept in (since we were out later than planned- we couldn't let the norae bang conquer us! Plus Carter was online so I was able to talk to her for the first time in months.). Shortly after waking up we decided to meet up with Dana and Curtis and show them around Dongdaemun. We didn't have anything specific to buy for but Dana was looking for cute souvenir stuff for people she loves. We had a good time and everyone put up with me being sleepy (and hopefully not too grumpy).

We ate some food and decided to catch a movie. We saw Jumper. Please do me a favor. Do not go see this movie. Don't give the people who made this movie any money. I know, Samuel L. Jackson is cool but if you want to support him just watch something sensible like, say, Snakes on a Plane. The concept of the movie was actually really cool. Someone who had a talent for writing could probably have made an awesome movie about it. Unfortunately for mankind this movie was written by a retarded 11 year old. How did you blackmail Diane Lane to be in this film? Seriously. Craptastic. I should have known better since it stars Hayden Christensen, aka the worst actor in the world. He's grown up since screwing up all the new Star Wars movies so I didn't recognize him. I actually though it was Paul Walker. And through the whole movie I was thinking, wow, Paul Walker is doing a terrible acting job in the movie. Then the credits rolled and everything made sense. Anyway, sorry to rant about the movie. Don't go see it.

So that was Saturday. I took pictures of more shirts that I think are funny and I bought a bunch of new earrings. Good day!

This last picture is a forbidden one. There was a totally outrageous store selling the skankiest clothes ever. I went to take a picture and a saleswoman rushed up and stopped me... So we went around the corner and quickly took one where they couldn't see us. Yeah, that's the kind of person I am.


galfriday said...

I cannot believe you actually went and saw Jumper! Thankfully I have already heard that it is awful!

Love secret photos of skanky clothes... always love Engrish shots too! Now.... Dana's glasses... are they Oroton? I love them.

ambearo said...

Hmmm... not sure what brand Dana's glasses are. She used to work in an eye doctor office so she got big discounts on expensive glasses...