Saturday, February 16, 2008

For Stephie and Alison: Our Return to Red Mango

Last year my youngest sister and her friend Alison came out to visit us while we worked in Gimpo. They loved many, many things about Korea but I think their favorite thing was eating frozen yogurt at Red Mango. Matt and I forced Dana and Curtis to partake in the yumminess and I recorded the event just for Steph and Big Al. Nothing's changed guys, it's still the yummiest fruit yogurt in the world!!

And all too quickly it was gone... Everyone loved it though and the coco balls are still as delicious as we remembered!


Anonymous said...

AWW Amber I am sooo jealous! I miss Red Mango everyday! Those cocoa balls freakin rocked my world!

ambearo said...

I will just have to eat lots for you! (^^*)