Monday, February 11, 2008

Just in case you think...

We only spend our time with Eddie, Gisela, Dana and Curtis here are some pictures from our reunion with Joi Teacher. We met up with her at a great Mexican restaurant in Hongdae and had a great time catching up. It must have been birthday day or something because we saw not one, not two but three birthday parties! Because I am silly, I jumped in and posed with one of the birthday girls.

After lunch we wandered around Hongdae and did a bit of shopping. Joi picked up a really delicious mocha where they put pieces of a chocolate bar on top. I think they were pieces of a Mr. Big bar.

Oh and look at the weird sandwich that we had for breakfast on the way to go and meet Joi. It has egg on the outside and the bread on the inside! Silly Koreans and their inside out sandwich!


galfriday said...

Oh I soooooo want an inside out sandwhich!!! Mmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Oh man I bet Alison would love an inside out sandwich!