Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What's this? Matt got a present?

Well lookie here! A shiny gold gift bag for Matt. Could it be? Did he get a present today? What majestic wares lay inside? And who is his admirer?

Poor Matt- it's full of prescription medication! Only in Korea does the pharmacy pack your medicine in a gift bag for you to take home. I suppose it's therapeutic to pretend someone gave you a present though.

Here, I'll show you what a real present looks like:
A weird soft cheesy sausage and a box of Mok Candies (sort of like Korean Halls). The kicker? They both came from children who are NOT students of mine. Yep, I'm a rockstar. The sausage did come from a former student but the Mok Candies are from a kid I don't even know. She wasn't just randomly handing them out either- she saw me, grabbed me and fumbled through her bag to find them. I think I will have to learn her name. Man I like teaching the elementary students. Middle school kids just don't love people as much. Their hearts are full of puberty and K-Pop. Alas.

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