Monday, July 14, 2008

My New Baby

It was a great weekend. Maybe the best part was finally caving in and buying a fan. Our apartment is naturally hot (which is fantastic in the winter) and just seems to hold in the heat. We have an air conditioner but it is a bit ghetto and as soon as we turn it off our place heats up again in about 15 minutes. It's ridiculous. Needless to say, this has been affecting my sleep. I've been waking up at all hours and having some trippy dreams. Like the one where we "woke up" in the morning to discover that we'd somehow left our fridge open a crack and it was FULL of cockroaches. Like thousands and thousands of them pouring out of the fridge and crawling all over our apartment.

We found our adorable fan at Techno Mart and we got it for a decent price. It was hard to choose with all the selection but delicious standing in front of all the display fans while we shopped. I figure that before we leave we'll list stuff on Facebook for cheap (our fan, iron, toaster oven, guitar) so we can get a bit of money back. I'm excited though since in addition to the fan we also bought a new memory card for my digital camera. A 4GB one for about $30. Now I am definitely ready for China since between my two memory cards I can take over 2000 pictures. Brace yourself.

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