Friday, July 11, 2008

We're Going to Beijing!!!

We picked up our passports from Unique Travel today and they came equipped with our shiny new Chinese visas! I'm so excited! We won't be seeing the Olympics (that doesn't start until August 8th or something and we'll be back in Seoul July 26th) but that's fine. I'm not huge on the Olympics anyway and it will just make Beijing into a bigger and more expensive zoo. I can't wait to see the Great Wall, Forbidden Palace, Tian'anmen Square and Silk Road! It should be such an awesome vacation! Another great adventure!

We had to venture to Itaewon to pick the visas up, since that's where Unique Travel is located. While wandering an alley there we saw this sign in front of an Indian restaurant. Luckily I'm not suffering from cancer or Alzheimer's so I wasn't in need of their Curry Cure Lunch special. We opted out and had Mexican instead. Maybe another day when I'm hungry for bullshit.

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Joia said...

Wow!!! CONGRATS!! I'm planning to go in mid September over Chuseok. Were you pleased with your travel agent?? Decent prices?? Where are you staying? I need to email you to get some details! :)