Monday, July 07, 2008

Another Present!!!

This time it came from Damon who was in my A3 class but graduated to the next level. It's ginseng candy! I haven't tried any yet but I'm excited to have it anyway. Yuni told me that it's gross. Hmm... I might make Matt eat it first.

Like I mentioned, a couple classes changed levels for July. This was a little sad since I really liked both of the classes. Damon's A3 class may have been my favorite class I've taught this year (shhh! Don't tell anyone!) and the A1's were a lot of work but they had a great sense of humor and worked hard. I just had them "trained" and used to everything so classes were running really smoothly and now I'm no longer their teacher. Damn!

Here's a picture I took of my A1 kids- they were my biggest class (eleven students). See the boy wearing the baseball cap? That's David. One day he told us his Dad's name and I replied "What?! That's my Dad's name too!" (I'm joking of course) and from then on I said he was my little brother. I was really proud on this day of John (white shirt next to David with yellow backpack) and Kevin (purple shirt, behind John) because both of them scored 100% on the reading section of their last test. I had to be really strict with these kids but it worked out well since they made a lot of progress overall. I forgot to take a picture of Damon's class unfortunately but I have a couple random pictures of that class so it's okay.

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