Monday, July 07, 2008

Summer is here and I want to die.

I know I have been slacking with the updates lately and I blame this on the weather. In case you don't live in Korea and/or don't remember me talking about summer here, well, it's disgusting. I kind of hate it, actually. The temperature isn't that bad but when it's combined with 100% humidity then it's pretty much unbearable. It makes me want to go to work because I can sit in my classroom and crank the air conditioner without having to worry about the financial consequences. Our apartment is crazy hot. We have an air conditioner but we use it sparingly so that we're not slammed with a huge bill. I wish I had a fan, but again, I'm too cheap to buy something that I'll only use for a month and a half. Maybe if our electricity bill is really outrageous after this month I can justify the cost and later try to sell it or something.

Anyway, before this turns into the most boring post ever I'm going to talk about something I'm really happy about lately- I've been making closer friendships with people at work. Hopefully I'll be able to stay in touch with most of them (because 3 of them are no longer working at my school as of July). Not long ago I hung out with Mi Eun (who is the receptionist and still works at KNC) and Kyeong Hwa (with the short hair). I should have mentioned Kyeong before since she's extremely adorable and has been so friendly towards me at work. She worked in the Homework Room and even though her English isn't the greatest she always tried to talk to me and brought me little gifts. It was incredibly sweet and I'm still unsure why she was so eager to befriend me but I'm glad that she did because she's lovely. Something that I enjoy about her is that she is really direct (probably since she doesn't know lots of complex English yet) so there is no beating around the bush. One of my first encounters with Kyeong was when she literally grabbed my arm at work, looked me straight in the eye and announced, "I like you!".

We didn't do anything too special but I had a great time eating a delicious meal with them and then chit chatting and window shopping for a few hours. Mi Eun is totally awesome- she has great taste in music and has been recommending some Korean bands that I'm really enjoying. Also she lived in India! I mean, how cool is that? We're planning to meet up again- go to Kyeong's house and have dinner and meet her Mom and Mi Eun promised to take me to Hongdae to listen to some live music sometime soon. Yay for new friends!

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