Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cute mistakes and other Wednesday things.

So things at our school are a bit crazy since they decided to create some new classes but the foreign teachers they lined up to teach them are having visa issues. This is getting pretty common out here now that they have changed a lot of the visa requirements and a lot of people are confused. Plus it sounds like some of the requirements are getting a bit ridiculous. Anyway, this is why I am marking essays for the B4 level classes this month along with my regular marking responsibilities. It's been a nice change from marking A1 essays which include a lot of "I like my Dad. My Dad is very very good.~". Yesterday I was marking a fresh batch of B4 essays and a couple of mistakes actually made me laugh out loud.

The essay topic was about creating a new holiday. The students had to say what they would honor and why. One student wrote about a holiday for parents (here there is one but I guess the students interpreted holiday to mean a day off from work and school) and then this one wrote about a holiday for teachers. The essay overall was incredibly well written and super impressive but there were two small and hilarious mistakes. When explaining the important role teachers play they stated, "They helped us glow up to be a great person." But my favorite was this line expressing how much they appreciate teachers: "I want to gave them the claps.....!!!!!". Man, it was a good thing I was alone in my room when I read that! I didn't stop giggling for a few minutes. I'm just glad they didn't confuse the r and l on that word. Or maybe they are talking about giving them the clap?! ^^

Besides marking essays, yesterday was filled with scorching weather accompanied with suffocating humidity. We took a short walk outside and both got a bit of a tan as a result! I have to say, there are some lovely things in our area. Jamsil certainly isn't as green as Gimpo was but it has its charms. Like this house next to our apartment building.

Isn't it lovely?

We wandered around and actually saw a few other foreigners. Even though there are tons of schools in this area we rarely see foreigners that we don't work with. Possibly we're all on opposite schedules though.

So we ate some sushi and then we retreated to the coffee shop next to our place so we could use their air con for free. It's such an adorable place and I tried a new drink which I loved so that's good since the other things I've had their were only mediocre. I love how they serve water in measuring cups though.

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I'll give you the clap, Amber Teacher!!