Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fun and Funny Stuff

To continue about our great weekend- on Sunday we met with our book club. First we had an awesome Western breakfast at Big Rock. You can't beat a $10 buffet that includes bacon! Then we moved to Smoothie King for dessert and to discuss the book. Very enjoyable, as always and we got some new members so that was really exciting. It will be nice having some more testosterone in the group. Matt was getting a bit overpowered.

After we parted ways with our book club I did a little bit of shopping. I got some awesome earrings that I adore. I'd been coveting them for awhile but I found them at a cheaper price. Bingo!

Also, I saw this shirt which totally cracked me up. I think it's so pretty and it looks like it should say something really deep and philosophical. Well, laundry is meaningful too I suppose. It was a truly excellent weekend that will probably only be matched by next weekend (when we see Cirque du Soleil) and the weekend after that (when we go to Beijing).

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Anonymous said...

I love the " I think everybody should like everybody" earrings!!!