Saturday, April 21, 2007


Occasionally we have theme days at our school and last week Friday was "Toy Day".
The children brought their toys to school to share and play with during the break and a good time was had by all. You my ask yourself, 'what do small Asian children play with?' Well, you're in luck. Allow me to showcase a few of the more interesting toys brought by Unicorn class.

This is Brian (Unicorn Brian, not Amber's "Lion Brian") and Andy and they're showing off their super cool Mega Dragon PoWeR swords. These swords have interchangeable parts and a magic key that unlocks THE POWER!!! YEAH! and to top it all off they growl and light up when you turn the key. Jealous? Afraid?
You should be.
Brian is a pretty neat kid. He loves fighting and awesomeness, so he's basically the "tough" Unicorn. He also throws a mean dodgeball. Like really hard!
Andy has no business holding a sword of this magnitude. First of all he's freakishly tiny. Amber has an Andy in her Lamb class and he's also really, really small. Maybe it's the name for short people. Seriously, the picture lies. He's like a foot and a half tall. He's also one of those hand holding, cuddling, 'I got a boo-boo on my finger' kids that I mentioned last post. When I let them play for 10 minutes he stood in that exact spot and hugged his toy weapon like a baby. Someone get that kid a doll.

Crazy Charlie brought a robotic monkey!
He's in the blue coat here in the picture, and as you can see he's holding a remote control. The robot ape thing can walk, bend his arms, pick up stuff, but Charlie just made it burp like a hundred times.
The kids in this picture are, from left to right, Rina, Brian, Andrew, and crazy Charlie.

Other exciting toys included a wind up dog that flips and barks and a princess card collection game. The cards all have these half naked princesses on them and they have bar codes on the bottom. You scan the princesses to see how they're holding up, if you need to feed them, play with them, give them a new magic scepter, and so on. Rina brought a periscope she made herself out of some cereal boxes and a broken mirror. It was a big hit, but a little ghetto next to Charlie's robot.

I love theme days. Don't you? We should have national theme days so everyone can join in the fun.

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