Sunday, April 15, 2007

Friday Night

So after we passed the dancing bakery girls we went to our favorite galbi restaurant for dinner. It's not often (especially in Gimpo) that we are approached by English speaking Koreans so we were all a bit surprised when this guy started talking to us. He was with his friend (who is mammothly tall) who only seemed to know a tiny bit of English (important things though- like "Cheers!"). Turns out these guys are in the Korean army reserves (all Korean men have to serve time in the army in some form) and Yun-Woo, the English speaking one, is doing his army stint producing at SBS (a large TV station). I'm not really sure how the army works here but I do know that Lewis, our old manager, completed his army obligations by playing on their tennis team. Yun-Woo was really nice and he told us he was living and working in Toronto 3 years ago but since returning to Korea he hasn't had a lot of opportunity to practice his English. He told us if we wanted a Korean friend to call him and he gave out his business card. His giant buddy, Han-Woo, started talking to Yun-Woo in rapid Korean and then Yun-Woo asked us where we live and it turns out that Han-Woo lives in the same apartment building as we do and is in apt. 601. Han-Woo kept saying SIX-ZERO-ONE over and over. So apparently even though he studied English last in high school he wants to hang out with us and he promised to bring Sansachun (the Korean wine we were drinking). It sounds like a good time to me!

Han-Woo bought us a bottle of the wine while we were eating and we all had a toast and then they left the restaurant. So it looks like we have some new friends. After dinner Joi went home and Matt and I went and did some norae bang. It was the same norae bang that we went to our first time back in September with the other Matt teacher. I don't think I would go there again since they ripped us off a bit by renting us the super deluxe huge room even though there was only the two of us. There were some drunk businessmen by the front desk and they gave us their business card and high fived us when they learned we were from Canada. It was pretty funny. The one guy kept shouting "Niagara! Niagara!"

Just for people's general interest and so Joi will read my blog (she claims to only read the ones with pictures) I present you with the lovely and delicious sansachun.


Carter said...

Holy crap!!!
What happened?
No posts for what seemed like months and suddenly, you're (BOTH!) posting a million entries!

Hahahaha, I don't know why but that tennis team thing made me laugh out loud.

My Korean friend's eye sight is too poor for him to do anything in the army.

Now I must go read all these entries. Yay!!! Woooo!!!

ambearo said...

Yeah I was just in a blogging mood this weekend, I guess. Matt actually has another one he has to finish and post. Look at us go! You need to come online so we can have a chat again.