Saturday, April 14, 2007

Seoul Tower Adventure

As I briefly mentioned in earlier posts, last weekend Matt and I decided to play hookie from our Korean class to go to Seoul Tower. The weather was all right (it didn't rain) but it was a bit hazy. I'm not sure if it's because of the yellow dust or just general smog and pollution. The day started off fairly auspiciously when Matt found 30,000 won left in the bank machine. Woohoo!

We decided to take the Namsan Cable Car up to the tower. Now I'm not sure if I would describe it as a "thrill of joy" like that website says, but it was fun, albeit a bit crowded and filled with loud children. Since spring has just began things were a bit bare and grey but I can tell this would be a gorgeous place to revisit once everything is green.

A few interesting things- this little old ajumma was making cotton candy with this foot peddle machine. And it seems that it is still Christmas in April at Seoul Tower.

Unfortunately because of the weather/haze the view wasn't as spectacular as it could have been. But it was pretty cool nonetheless. When we left the actual tower part and went back outside there was a B-Boy show just starting up. Unfortunately my camera's batteries were almost dead so the camera wasn't cooperating like it should have and so I missed a lot of really cool pictures but I did manage to get a few before it completely shut off. (Later I found my spare batteries.)

After we'd had our fill of breakdancing we decided to walk down from the tower and find somewhere to eat supper. It was a nice night and the walk was pleasant. Because most of the trees are bare it was a little bit spooky. I tried taking some pictures but most of them didn't turn out very well. The tower looked really lovely all lit up though.
On the way down there was a lookout point which provided a much better view than the tower.

We also found this really cool little bench. I don't know who this Ben fellow is but I like his bench.
By the time we got back to the cable car place we were pretty hungry and so we decided to eat at this really adorable looking Italian restaurant nearby. It was a bit pricey but we decided we should splurge and call it Easter dinner, especially since we found 30,000 won earlier in the day. The restaurant was called Lovestory and it was really beautiful, romantic and fancy. The food was excellent and even though the bill was fairly large I didn't feel cheated.
Good food, good wine, good times. We were tired when we got home but it was a really fun day. To see all the pictures go here.

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